Castlefield Global Services is the best!!!I previously attempted to study abroad for years now with no positive result.

Until a friend in UK introduced me to castlefield global services in 2020 and he said they were very good, affordable and professional. I want to thank God today for using CGS to put smiles on my face and making my dream come through with my visa in my hand and also in UK right now. The journey with them started early 2020 when I contacted them and I was told to submit all my documents, which I did. I was advised on the courses in line with my field and also with university option. That guided me through the course to study and school that was best for me. I got my offer from the University but that year I couldn’t proceed with the process due to some unforeseen circumstances on my path, so I had to differ the admission to September 2021.But always been encouraged by CGS with a positive vibe. Fast forward in early 2021, CGS resumed my processing and put me through from A to Z. They guided me through the credibility interview preparation, bank statement requirement and documents. At the visa application stage I was really worried and afraid because I had four refusals from two different counties(u s and Canada) in the past that I had attempted on my own and using other agents but CGS said I should not worry and re-assured me that they would secure my visa for me. After 5 working days, I got a message from them that I can now go to the UK visa center to collect my passport, and in a nut shell ,I got my visa for the first time, I was so happy and everyone around me. I would like to use this opportunity to thank CGS management and staffs for standing for by me through out the process and even up to my traveling to UK.

May God Almighty bless CGS team. thank you all