Glory be to God Almighty.
Castlefield; wonderful organization, a well-organized company, an open and transparent organization, they are meticulous and headed by a fantastic leader and visionary (such a wonderful man) always ready to assist and support you.
Castlefield; you guys are the best.
I applied for a standard visa and I was so worried because it took a very long time, I was so much under pressure, mental stress especially when I got an mail from UKVI . I forwarded the email to CGS who later explained the situation to me. I was called by one of their counscellor and was told not to worry everything will come out positive. It was like a heavy load was taken off me.
Am so grateful to Castlefield for everything. Castlefield choose my school for me and I am in lover with the school already even though my feet haven’t stepped to the ground of the school.
CSG team was fantastic when there was a mistake on my CAS letter with my old passport number filled in, they made sure the school changed it and the correct CAS was sent, all this was done while CGS team was on phone with the school for hours insisting they won’t drop the call until all is right, they are a great team.
Thanks to the whole team( Madam Joanna) and co. God bless Castlefield and God bless the entire team.
I love you guys.