My experience with Castlefield Global Services is truly exceptional and excellent, what began as a doubt became a big reality at the end of the day. I have always had a dream of getting my MSc in the advanced countries not particularly the U.K though, I applied for several schools in the U.S but in the end, my traveling didn’t scale through reason being I do not have a proper guide and this really got me off balance and I almost give up the dream of the foreign certificate until I was introduced to Castlefield Global Services by my brother who resides in the U.K. I put a call across and it was a calming and nice voice from the other end, I explained my dream of getting a foreign degree with the company, they calmly requested my documents and asked which course do I want to study. I explained and told the consultant my choice of course and a few weeks later I got an offer letter from Birmingham City University to study Management and International Business, and the process of visa application began which the company handled perfectly and I got a positive response from the Immigration office. Even, after the visa positive response, the company guided me up until I put my feet in the U.K. Till this moment whenever I need clarification on anything, I run back to them and the feedback from them is always timely and helpful. Thank you Castlefield Global Services. All the blessings.