It all started in April 2021 when a friend (Agboluaje Adediran) whom Castlefield Global services had assisted in securing a masters program in Birmingham City University and also assisted with his visa introduced me to the firm. He explained how seamless the whole process went and how fast it was. So they began my application process. At first, they reviewed my documents and advised me on the best choice of course that will be suitable for me and some other options were provided too. With their professional counselling, we concluded on a course and the whole application process started fully. After few weeks, the school offered me a conditional admission while I was asked to provide an English proficiency certificate. I was assisted in getting prepared for my IELTS and I passed. The IELTS results was immediately uploaded to the school and I was offered an unconditional admission in few days. While I was writing the IELTS exam, I had been advised to keep my proof of fund in my account and as soon as I received the unconditional admission offer, my proof of fund was already 28 days and the visa application process began without delay.The whole process went smoothly and I was granted visa after five working days as stipulated for the priority visa procedure. Castlefield global services is a professional education consultant that understands the way and knows the way. I particularly appreciate Mr Oye, Sam and Joanne for their efforts. May God almighty continue to sustain the brand.